My mission is to provide a positive learning community for both my students and myself every day in every way. I believe each of my students is an individual and has a right to have their needs met academically, socially and emotionally, to the best of my ability. In this class we are proud to do our best every day and in every way!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Inspiration from a 10 year old...

Thanks to Cory Radisch, principal of Maple Place School, for sharing this inspirational video at our "first day back" workshop...

What an awesome honor and responsibility we have as teachers...


  1. This was an awesome inspirational video, thanks for sharing & your blog is great Mrs. Mastriana...just like you:)

  2. Mrs. Mastriana thank you for posting that clip. I know you are excited for this year and will continue to be a merchant of hope for your students. Best of luck.