My mission is to provide a positive learning community for both my students and myself every day in every way. I believe each of my students is an individual and has a right to have their needs met academically, socially and emotionally, to the best of my ability. In this class we are proud to do our best every day and in every way!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

We love a gimmick!!

All I'm saying is that you give a kid a piece of paper with 5 words on it to study and learn and they say "Do I have to?" but put those 5 words on a carabiner clip and they say "Let me read my words"! I am the same way myself maybe that's why I relate so well to my 6 & 7 year old students!I sent my soon to be first graders home from my summer enrichment class with a garbage can from the dollar store to be their "I Can" collector of learned skills like sight words and math facts and they kept saying we can have it?! We can take it home?!! They made a kite as long as they are tall to study their spelling words and they are looking for their first list...

Ahhh the gimmick...

Well, I have to go run my robotic vacuum cleaner...


  1. Aidan loves his "I Can." We have been adding more word to it every week. The "gimmick" is so great, we had to go to the dollar store for his four year old brother!

  2. Mrs. M,

    We just love the I Can and have been plowing throught the words at a furious pace the only thing slowing us down is the two year old litle sister trying to make off with the can!


    The Hughes Family

  3. So happy to hear about your families successes!